Sell Your Jewelry

Crown Gems Jewelry pays top dollar for your gold, silver, platinum, and coins. We understand that jewelry holds not only a monetary value but also an even deeper sentimental value.

Crown Gems Jewelry pays direct or offers credit towards products from us. The choice is yours.

For metals, we buy based on weight and the purity.

24kt is pure gold.

22kt is 91.67% pure.

18kt is 75% pure.

14kt is 58.33% pure.

10kt is 41.67% pure.

Platinum is 95% pure platinum.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver.

In order to find these values for gold, simply divide the karat value by 24 and multiply by 100.

For stones we buy based on several different factors. Refer to our educational pages to see what factors decide the prices we offer.

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